Gastronomy, Oenology, and Productive Oases.

The Restaurant

The venture is located at 1156 Peru Street, City of Mendoza. An old house that preserves its neo-colonial style, the restoration has chosen colors linked to that style that refers to North Africa and Southern Spain.

The restaurant’s gastronomic style tends towards Fine Dining, but due to its seating capacity of 70, we cannot strictly refer to it as a purist fine dining establishment.

With a capacity for 120 people per day, it features a Main Dining Room with a view of the kitchen, two Exclusive Rooms, a Private Room, a Wine Cellar, and a Courtyard.

«Our focus on local products and the use of innovative culinary techniques allows us to create unique and surprising dishes that celebrate the richness of the region and its culinary culture.»

Productive Oases

The menu philosophy is guided by a reinterpretation of the products provided by the Oases of Mendoza. These are divided into three: South, Center, and North; the idea is that each dish should have traceability of its ingredients and express the terroir.

It’s a journey through Mendoza, an interpretation of its diversity, and a tribute to the hands that provide us daily with what the land and people generate.

«In each expedition, we discover new products, or rather, ‘producers’ who experiment with new possibilities with the land and water, within the infinite diversity that Mendoza offers.»

We work with more than 20 local producers who provide us with diverse raw materials: meats, fruits, vegetables, honey, aromatic herbs, cheeses, sausages, among other products. Here are some of our suppliers mentioned: Huerta Roma (North Oasis), Finca Pagliafora (Central Oasis), La Linqueñita Cheese Factory (North Oasis), Lider Carnes (North Oasis), Funghus (North Oasis) Finca Lossef (South Oasis), QuipuAndean Potatoes (North Oasis), CabrandiGoat Cheese (North Oasis), KDS Knives (Central Oasis), Trucha Tranqui (Central Oasis), German AlvarezTrilogy of Dowsing Artworks (Three Oases), Reino EsfericoVegan Cheeses (North Oasis), Conservas Complacer (North Oasis), Cerámica Herrera (Tableware), MG Carpentry (Furniture), Finca Parú (Oasis Sur), Feria Alcudia (North Oasis), Secretos del Monte, Unconventional Meats (South Oasis).

The Wine Cellar

For the development of wine tourism, we have created a Wine Cellar with wines from all three Oases, where you can find traditional labels, new ones, microvinifications, small producers, and the revaluation of old or heritage vineyards.

At Centauro, we have more than 200 wine labels that allow our visitors to appreciate the diversity of varietals, styles, territories, structures, and concepts.

Some wineries that are part of the cellar:

Alpamanta, Altos Las Hormigas, Ambrosía, Amuleto, Atamisque, Bira Wines, Bobó, Bressia, Caro, Casarena, Catena Zapata, Chakana, Chandon , Clos de los 7, Cruzat, Cuvelier de Los Andes, Diamandes, Domaine Nico, Doña Paula, Durigutti, El Enemigo Wines, El Nudo, Escala Humana, Falasco Wines, Finca Flichmann, Finca La Escarcha, Finca Súarez, Finca Trapezio, Foster Lorca, Funkenhausen, Gen del Alma, Huentala Wines, Isman, Kaiken, La Cayetana, La Celia, Las Susanas, Lorenzo de Agrelo, Losance, Luca, Luigi Bosca, Lupa, Magna Montis, Manos Negras, Mendel, Mi Terruño, Morelli, Niven, Onofri, Paisano, Paso a Paso, Passionate Wines, Revancha, Rolland, Rutini, Susana Balbo, Teho, Terrazas de los Andes, Ver Sacrum, Vinyes Ocult, Viña Alta, Viña Cobos, Viña Los Chocos, Weinert, Zaha, Zorzal, Zuccardi.

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